With body, mind and spirit functioning perfectly as a coordinated whole, what else could reasonably be expected other than an active, alert and disciplined person?
Joseph H. Pilates





Photos courtesy of Balanced Body®.

Barre work. A unique ballet barre program combined with Percussive Breathing which utilizes standard and modern ballet dance movements to work on Pilates principles of balance and stabilization while working the body in an upright position.

Cadillac (Trapeze Table)
Magic Circle
Spine Corrector
Wunda Chair

Cadillac (Trapeze Table). Known as one of the most effective and versatile pieces of equipment ever engineered, Joseph Pilates’ Cadillac continues to be a bridge between exercise and physical therapy. Originally devised to rehabilitate bedridden patients, the Cadillac is essentially a raised horizontal table-top surrounded by a four-poster frame on which various bars, straps, springs and levers are fixed. A variety of exercises for all ages and abilities can be performed that challenge the body in multiple planes of motion. It is important to have the guidance of a trained instructor to lead students through the repertoire of exercises that develop core abdominal muscles and spinal flexibility plus work the shoulder girdle, strengthen the back and stretch the entire body.

Fletcher Floorwork® . A series of movements combining Matwork, Percussive Breathing and modern dance. Created by Ron Fletcher, Floorwork develops strength, increases range of motion and enhances balance and posture.

Fletcher Pilates®. Incorporates the Percussive Breathing and the Standing and Centering techniques of First Generation Master Teacher Ron Fletcher with a whole body of Towelwork and Floorwork. Fletcher Pilates® was developed combining the principles and precision mechanics of classic Pilates with Ron Fletcher’s own extensive choreography and dance background.

Fletcher Standing and Centering Cues®. Ron Fletcher’s innovative technique that places emphasis on vertical posture as an important part of good health and proper maintenance of the “inner architecture” of the body. In addition to proper body alignment, the Standing and Centering cues also include Percussive Breathing® (defined above).

Fletcher Towelwork® . A series of movements created by Ron Fletcher that utilize a braided towel for added resistance. Focusing on upper body strength and flexibility, it increases core strength, range of motion and improves balance and posture. It helps open the chest, work upper back muscles, and release upper body tissue that is too tight.

Magic Circle. A portable Pilates resistance ring that improves muscle tone, endurance, coordination and balance.

Matwork. Known as the foundation of Pilates, Matwork consists of a series of challenging, well-balanced movements performed on floor mats that can be modified and tailored to various levels and abilities. When combined with other studio work, Matwork combined with Fletcher Percussive Breathing creates a perfectly balanced training program that develops core strength, increases spinal mechanics, flexibility and balances the whole body.

Ped-a-Pul. A modified pulley machine which works on body alignment and strengthening the deep inner core with stability exercises.

Percussive Breathing®. Ron Fletcher’s trademarked innovation known as the use of breath with “rhythm and sound” that activates the muscles of inspiration and expiration within all movement patterns of Fletcher Pilates. It strengthens the muscles associated with breathing and the body’s core plus enhances mental sharpness and reduces fatigue.

Reformer. Incorporating all movements designed for the Reformer, a system of weighted springs connected to a moving platform called a carriage, every muscle of the body is worked in a safe and efficient manner to maximize the body’s elasticity and strength. Using Fletcher Percussive Breathing™ creates a synchronicity and a flow as well as working the abdominal muscles in a deep controlled way.

Spine Corrector. A low barrel designed for support and articulation in which a series of challenging exercises are performed focusing on spinal mechanics and flexibility. Results include opening the chest and correcting the curvature of the spine.

Wunda Chair. Designed to stretch and strengthen muscle groups like the back and deep abdominal muscles, the Wunda Chair utilizes both large and small muscle groups in a series of exercises that explore the Pilates work with added resistance of a machine. Exercises on the Wunda Chair also promote balance and body control.